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What is Explosive Diarrhea and What are its Causes?

Explosive Diarrhea

Most of us know what diarrhea is but are we aware of what explosive diarrhea is? Diarrhea is a condition when a person goes through an urgency to defecate which comes with loose and watery stool. This situation occurs three or more times a day. Explosive diarrhea is a severe condition of what we know about diarrhea. This is usually described as a diarrhea which is usually accompanied with vomiting, nausea, cramps and rectal bleeding.

There are four known causes of explosive diarrhea. Infection is the first one. There are many known viruses, bacteria or parasites that can surely cause this awful discomfort. E coli and salmonella are just two examples. This is considered to be the most common cause and can be treated easily by taking antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Another cause of this kind of diarrhea is medications. Some drugs like antibiotics and most cancer medications that people take in may cause some changes in ones’ metabolism bowel habits. Another known cause of explosive diarrhea is malabsorption. This happens when a body lacks the ability to absorb and catalyze certain nutrients from the food that are consumed. The last cause of this unfortunate condition is bowel diseases. This is said to be the most complicated to treat. This includes diseases like colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and the infamous irritable bowel syndrome.

Explosive diarrhea can be treated without medical assistance. First and foremost, drinking lots of fluids especially water can very much help a person suffering from diarrhea because it can definitely lead to dehydration. Avoiding food and drinks with dairy substance, caffeine, spices and foods with excess amounts of fat can lessen the chances of experiencing this condition. Taking in over the counter medications for diarrhea can also be helpful. If after three days, symptoms of this explosive diarrhea are still persisting, it is already advisable to consult a medical doctor.

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