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During my time from university, my health took a backseat, and in my third 12 months it hit an all-time reduced.

I suffered from nosebleeds, several notably I got irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and consequently lactose intolerance.

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It is a painful intolerance to have, and a few days ago I suffered a bad reaction after I took a risk and ate two milk chocolate biscuits, which usually reminded me why I avoid all milk products. Chocolate or milk is just not worth having your stomach churning, or have shooting pains. Trust me.

When I was younger I used to drink milk by the gallon! The cousin once commented that I would not only have my share, but everybody else’s too!

Going dairy free wasn’t something that came naturally to me.

Three years later, and I have learnt ways to live with being lactose intolerant, although at times I do test it, and wanted to share what I do and how We cope with it.

Discover your triggers

Or else sure what your triggers are usually, keep a food diary and test it out. I did this by getting rid of one type of food for around two weeks to see if it made any kind of difference. By doing this I not only found that I was lactose intolerant but that my body cannot handle caffeine, crimson onions, and soya based products. A long list I know, but I love to know.

I have also found that if I get a reaction to some thing, a thin white layer forms on my tongue. So if you do react to something, find out how your body responds, how severe the reaction is, in case there’s a common pattern in the reaction, and what are you eating.

Yes, doctors do a lot of tests, but they are normally to find out what it isn’t, and will often suggest you try and work out what is causing the reaction.


I had never ever been a gym bunny prior to, but after seeing how diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure runs in my family, I decided to go to the fitness center regularly. As well as getting fit, Also i found that it helped my lactose intolerance and ensured my stomach has been healthy and happy.

Be Selective

I am really picky with what I consume now, I have to be, you never know what might contain dairy. Even breads can contain milk, something We didn’t know before. Make sure you look into the ingredients.

Find Options

During university, coffee was my best friend, but it gave me palpations, anxiety, and hot flushes. Consequently I no longer have caffeine, but have peppermint tea instead. Nearly I like the taste but it helps to break down my meal, ensures I do not get spots, and if I’m having a a reaction to something I’ve eaten, I find it helps to soothe it. Peppermint teas is my lifesaver and I don’t know what I would do without it!

I can’t have milk, but I can have coconut milk. I can’t have caffeine, but I can have herbal teas. We can’t have chocolate, but I could have cacao nibs. Basically if you can’t have something, there is an alternative you could have, and is ofteb better for you too.

Think of the Positive

It sucks when you cannot possess something that everyone else can, but you need to think of the positives of this. Not having dairy ensures my skin is apparent, and means that I eat less body fat, two positives for sure.

If I hadn’t become so seriously lactose intolerant, I wouldn’t have found some of the amazing restaurants in Greater london, I would not have found vegan treat recipes, and I wouldn’t have been capable to review restaurants from my unique point of view.

Are you lactose intolerant? Is there anything you would include?

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