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Is Lactose Intolerance a Milk Allergy?

Lactose Intolerance

Is milk allergy the same with lactose intolerance? Most people would answer yes if asked this question. Milk allergy is definitely different from lactose intolerance or lactase deficiency. This article will try to help you distinguish these two different syndromes from each other.

Many people around the world may have problems regarding these two unbecoming diseases. Honestly, these are not actually diseases or types of sickness. It is just a situation happening to individuals when they happen to ingest milk or other dairy products.

Milk allergy can have the same symptoms with lactose intolerance. Bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, gas, skin rashes are just a few. The difference mainly comes from what the two really mean. Lactose intolerance is a syndrome when a person has a deficiency in an enzyme called lactase. This is the one responsible in processing lactose, a milk sugar that cannot be absorbed entirely by the body if not broken down into simpler forms of sugar. Milk allergy on the other hand is simply a food allergy. An allergy is actually an undesirable reaction of the body to a certain food protein. Some say that symptoms of lactose intolerance may be experienced only once there was already a high amount of lactose that is consumed.

Milk allergy and lactose intolerance can be a hassle to anyone. Missing out on a lot of food that contain milk component can be depressing. Before, this is one sad situation that sufferers of these syndromes need to endure. They cannot have the liberty to eat and enjoy a lot of delectable foods. Nowadays, there are already innovations that can be done to foods that contain milk substances. There are a number of known substitutes for milk that would also give the same taste to food. Soy milk and tofu are just two alternatives to milk and milk products.

Having milk allergy and lactose intolerance can really be disheartening but it is how sufferers deal and look at it that really matter.

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    1. Daniela says:

      I looked on the comfy belly blog at their repice comments and someone else had the same problem with the coconut flour I probably won’t buy it again (It was around $8.00 for a pound of flour~ a little too steep for me) and kind of hard to find. We only have a dairy allergy in our house so I’ll probably just try the almond flour. Thank you.


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