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Part 10. Peeing out of two locations.

As a child, when we said we had to “go potty”, urgency was controlled by the question, “Do you need to go #1 or #2? #2 was the key that caused the vehicle to be stopped at the nearest bathroom because Mom did not want to be faced with “poopy underwear”. I’ll never forget hearing Leah on “Kate plus 8” television show, say “Hannah pooped, In Hannah’s unnerwears“. My mom didn’t want that issue.

As I wrote previously, I didn’t feel I was peeing as much liquid. So I began to make it up by releasing more liquid through door number 2. That was a shock.

Ever since I changed my diet, I’ve had “soft” stool and regular bowl movements. I liked it, as it felt as though my system was working and I wasn’t having any more issues with constipation. Trust me, when you have hemorrhoids, the last thing you want is constipation.

But … when “soft” became wetter, and looser, and then was propelled by a release of liquid like the flush of a toilet! It was no longer once in the morning, and a small one in the evening!

It was having within 15 minutes of eating. This folks, is “explosive diarrhea”!


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