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Part 11. It was strange – eat, then run to the toilet.

The term is “explosive diarrhea” and those who use it aren’t kidding. It left my body with force! I would eat, sit on the toilet, and then be hungry – because I was empty!

I noticed that my weight was dropping. At first, I didn’t care that I lose a pound here and there – I’ve always wanted to a little smaller in the stomach. I had dreams of abs which never materialized! Other than that, I have weighed within 10-15 pounds of the same weight all my life.

But I knew something was strange, when my wife told me to “stop losing weight” because “what little butt you did have” is now gone! And unkindly pointed out “your butt is not as flat as the ironing board”. Ah the compliments of marriage!

I wasn’t feeling like my “usual self”, and many people commenting on my thinning … asking me if I was intentionally trying to lose weight.

But I was eating – and wanted to eat more. It wasn’t helping because more eating meant more pooping and more explosive diarrhea.


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