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Part 14. What the hell happened?

I had been taking notes of all that went on … as you can probably guess from the previous pages. When it came time to summarize and publish my story, all the notes from after the aids test were misplaced. I was disgusted and disappointed to learn that my notes were gone.


So we have eliminated HIV. But now I have new symptoms. My shoulder is hurting. When I lift my arm or turn my elbow out, I am now experiencing pain. And it is getting worse as the days go by. What next? Back to the doctor.

The doctor runs some motion tests and determines that I will need surgery to fix my shoulder (rotator cuff damage). He gave me a rubber-stretchy thing to use to exercise my shoulder and see if it helps before he cuts on me. Told me to stay away from my desk because having my arms up to type might be causing part of the problem (well, that wasn’t going to happen!) So I prepared the information necessary for my insurance and submitted the claim for surgery pre-approval, as required by my insurance company.

While that was in process, I had a business trip to the US to attend to. While there, I decided to visit on of the well-known doctors in my area who specialize in surgical problems. I knew that because of the way I was doing this (no referrals), I would be paying the full amount of this visit – but I thought I owed it to myself to hear from someone else.

After an examination and x-ray, the doctor agreed that I had shoulder damage and that surgery was definitely an option. However, he asked me if I had ever had a cortisone shot in the shoulder. My Asian doctor had already offered to give me the shot, but had cautioned me that he thought it was a waste of time and money.

Hearing the US doctor’s explanation, I decided that I would try the shot in the off-chance that it would solve my problems without surgery.

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