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Part 16. I’m falling apart.

I have been healthy all my life. Sure, I got colds, sniffles, and the flu once. But I was generally a health person, not overweight, a social drinker and non-smoker. I had regular physicals, frequent blood work, and slept each night (although I have severe bouts with insomnia, I at least do get sleep).

So why was I falling apart?

For days, I sat in my office and searched the internet, using different keywords and combinations of keywords and symptoms of all that was happening to me.   According to “Doctor Internet” – I had HIV; syphilis, flu; parvo; hepatitis; irritable bowel; rotator cuff injury; blood disease; bacteria; worms; intestinal worms; lactose intolerance; and more … depending on which keywords I typed in.

So I went for more blood work. I had a full STD panel plus Hepatitis tests along with a full blood panel. I had a test for Helicobacter pylori (nicknames “H-pylori”), another stomach bacteria that mimics many of the same symptoms I was having. H-pylori was negative; all STD’s were negative. Blood Panel showed every test in “normal” range. No bacteria in Urine. Remember, I had already eliminated Aids …

I was getting no-where and Doctors weren’t helping. Possibly because they didn’t have the whole story and possibly because my situation was unusual.

My insurance company contacted me to let me know that my pre-surgical claim had been evaluated – and they agreed with the Doctor’s diagnosis – surgery was required and they would cover the operation.


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