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Part 17. More Gurgling. I mean Googling. Well, both actually.

I didn’t know which symptoms were tied together and which weren’t. It was difficult to imagine that my diarrhea could have anything to do with my shoulder rotator cuff. So I paired symptoms together and kept searching until I found something that seemed reasonable.


Of course YOU knew that already right? I already said I was told a dozen years ago I was lactose intolerant. And I ignored it – why shouldn’t I? I consumed my weight in Ice Cream at every opportunity and never had problems. At least, not until I was OLDER.

I discovered a personal story that had SOME similarities to mine. I refined my search and found a few more (limited) posts about SOME of the same issues I was having. So I put it all together and was shocked at what I found.

ONE OF THE SYMPTOMS OF SEVERE LACTOSE INTOLERANCE IS MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN, USUALLY (BUT NOT ALWAYS) IN THE SHOULDERS.  And because of the cramping and gas, people have been known to feel what they believed was liver or kidney pain!

All of the other symptoms were dead-on ringers for lactose intolerance. And it wasn’t until that day when I realized that my shoulder pain was related to my lactose concerns, and all the other problems I was having was also tied to Lactose Intolerance.

So I stopped the latte’s cold turkey. No milk, no ice cream, nothing that I though had any dairy product in it. And then I waited.


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