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Part 18. I see a light.

Within 2-3 weeks, my diarrhea had lessened; my cramps were going away; I was feeling more like eating; and I was feeling more energy. The only part of the story my wife didn’t like is that I was still farting like a monster.

Within a few more weeks, my shoulder pain was gone. Not reduced – GONE. I am writing this final section in later 2014, and I have never had shoulder surgery, nor have I had any additional pain. I never went back to the Doctor who was going to provide surgery, or the doctor who gave me the Cortisone Shot.

Within a few months, my weight had stabilized and I began gaining a small amount. It came back slowly, but from the chart, I had lost about 12-14 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much – but is almost 10% of my body weight. People were telling me that the weight loss didn’t look good on me; that I was looking sickly, and “long in the face”. As I began gaining a little back, people commented that I was “looking better”. I was surprised that acquaintances not familiar with my circumstances would notice.

By the six month mark, I was back to some form of “normal”. My farts decreased by about 50%. In other words I still fart a lot, but it is much more manageable.

I assume that a few things combined together to cause trouble. I haven’t had a glass of milk to drink in more than 15 or 20 years; milk wasn’t something I enjoyed. So the ice cream and other miscellaneous dairy that I would consume, wasn’t at a high enough level to cause any major issues.

Then I found my love of Latte’s. And bought the machine to make them every morning. Along with the soup mug to drink it out of. I bombed my system with so much milk that my lactose intolerance kicked into severe overload. Once my body was over-saturated, body functions began to fail.

I was no longer processing the food I consumed. The explosive diarrhea was pushing everything out as fast as possible. The lactose in my system was creating a “super highway” in my body – making every bite of food pass through me so fast my body was not getting any nutrients. That explained the weight loss, the lack of energy, the lack of desire to eat, and the explosive elimination of anything I consumed within minutes.

To this day, I’m still scared and shocked to think what could have happened if I had not figured this out. What surgeries and medicine would I be taking, and what might have happened to my quality of life.

All because of the milk in my Vanilla Latte’s.

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