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Part 19. What is happening today.

In Part 9, I mentioned the incredible amount of water I drank. That didn’t change. I was feeling better, health was returning, appetite back to normal, shoulder didn’t hurt – but I was still drinking water like I was dying of thirst. But I ignore the water intake after all I had been through because if my worst problem was that I drink a lot of water and pee a lot, so be it!

After many months, I began to drink my lattes again. However, I had new rules to follow. First, I only drink 3-4 cups per month, and I stay away from the largest size. And second, I always-always-always take my lactase pill before consuming the coffee.

Today, I drink 4-6 per month, and only at Starbuck’s. Starbuck’s is the only chain that will fix a DECAF latte made with SUGAR FREE vanilla – part of my latest change was to eliminate 90% of the caffeine and sugar in my life.

And six months after I moved away from caffeine and sugar intake, can you guess what happened? The amount of water I drink in day decreased by two-thirds! Even though my increased water wasn’t a warning of diabetes, it was tied to my increased sugar intake! Now I drink less, and I pee less.

It has been close to two years now since I was suffering with all these symptoms. I feel wonderful and am so thankful that I could spend the time to research on the internet and find out what the Doctors couldn’t tell me.

Lactose Intolerance – take it seriously.

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