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Part 2. Fast Forward to Middle of 2011

I’m living in Asia full time and getting my fill of spicy Thai food. I grew up in Tobasco and Red Pepper territory in the US, so I always craved foods that had a hot, spicy flavor. My wife cooks 2 meals per day and I was eating flavorful foods daily until I was satiated. Did I say I love Thai food??

Sometimes when you cook with peppers, you can’t control how spicy the food will be. Each few days, my wife purchased peppers at the market – but it was not possible to look at the peppers and know the “hotness” of the peppers. So each day brought different levels of unpredictable fire to my wife’s foods. I never complained, only blew my nose, and kept eating.

I noticed however, that I was having regular diarrhea. It started every few days, then gradually became a daily occurrence – but ALWAYS first thing in the morning. But it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable (other than the visual discomfort of diarrhea), so I attributed it to my system working and processing the peppers and everything else.

I should explain for the less queasy that in the beginning it wasn’t watery, explosive diarrhea. My stool (or “poop” to use smaller words) was very soft and flowed out of its storage container (me).

And since I suffered previously for years with constipation and hemorrhoids, I wasn’t complaining about my new “easy-going” visits to the toilet. Soft poop was certainly better than hard and stuck!


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