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Part 3. My Weight and General Health – Mid 2011

At this point in my story, we are in October 2011, and my weight is averaging 65k (143-145#), just like I did since I was 15 and began tracking my weight. And so far, I am still feeling fine – every day was just like the day before – energy, appetite, etc., was ok. I’m just “pooping” a lot and it is getting more loose.

As a reader, you are getting the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t put things together for 8-10 more months – but you will be able to say “ah ha” shortly!

In part 2 of my story, I mentioned that I was living in Asia full time. I brought my (custom ordered 220v) special Espresso/Latte coffee post from the USA, as they were ridiculously expensive in Asia.

Originally I was even bringing my coffee from Southern USA as well! But that got to be tiring and I found an Asian blend that I liked. I began drinking my home made coffee every day.


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