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Part 4. What I didn’t tell the doctors.

Along with my new coffee machine, and local coffee, I purchased whole milk, vanilla syrup and Splenda. Every morning for the next 6 months, I fixed myself a HUGE vanilla latte. My mug was actually a “soup mug” so you can guess how large it was.

My huge coffee mug

A slight exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

First, in case you don’t know, a “Latte” is a drink made with a shot of espresso, and milk. Mostly milk. I’ve been drinking latte’s for years, but only in moderation, not every day, and only in small cups — not a mug so big I could crawl into. I never had any issues with coffee, and no coffee allergies of any kind that I was aware of.

Second, let me re-emphasize HUGE. I was taking in more milk per day than I had ever taken at any point of my life, including as a child when I used to drink coffee milk (which was a precursor to latte’s!) and cereal.

“Coffee milk” was a mug full of milk, a little sugar, and a few tablespoons of mom’s coffee, just enough to get the flavor, but not enough to get me on the caffeine. As I aged, I fell in love with Latte’s – which turns out to be “coffee milk” for adults!

Third, I was consuming 1-2 packs of Splenda sweetener every day. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Splenda, but I believe it was one more item counting against me.

Fourth, besides the sweetener, I was taking in a large amount of sugar from the vanilla syrup!

Fifth, I was heating the milk to 200 degrees, which some will argue is too hot, as it breaks down the sugars, which encourages you to add more sweetener somewhere.

So these five items were an important part of my puzzle that I did NOT tell the doctors – as I didn’t think it was important.

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