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Part 5. The Symptoms Begin

The Symptoms Begin, but I didn’t realize it was all part of a big puzzle. It was a puzzle that would turn out to be so unique, it could have been a scripted episode of TV’s “Dr House”.

Just like most people, I have stomach “gurgling” and regular stomach grumbles. In my case, it was always after eating. I would get asked often, “are you still hungry” because people around me could hear my stomach.

It was so loud that others could hear, even if there was light noise in the room. However, I don’t remember a time that my stomach didn’t make noise, so I added that to my list of “nothing usual” activities of my body.

Thinking back to when I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux, one of my symptoms at the time was the gurgling/grumbling stomach when I would lie down in the bed.
For some reason, lying flat in bed always made more noises come from my stomach.

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