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Part 7. The “Excessive Wind” of a fart.

Gas. “Excessive Wind”. “Air in the stomach”. Flatulence – who created such a “nice” word. No matter what, it is a FART. You might like “breaking wind” or “tooting”, but even the youngest of readers have probably seen the video clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos, in which the 8 year old ballerina “expels gas” … then says “Excuse me!” and then follows up with “Hey, even Ballerinas have to fart!”.

And she is right but my farts transformed me into the fart monster. Morning were worst. I would sit on the toilet and continuously release farts for five minutes or more. And they were loud. And boy did it feel good when they were gone.

Mornings were the worst but I had to release gas after every meal, usually within 15-30 minutes. After eating, I would disappear for a while and release my pent-up “excess wind”. But it was terrible when I was away from home and I had to hold the farting in. I think of it as “farting in my stomach” because I could feel the gas explode and “pop” inside of me. That popping added to my stomach noise that people around me could hear.


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