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Part 8. Unexplained Pain

I began having regular bouts with pain under my ribcage, on the left side, and migrated into my back. Supposedly pain in this area indicated liver or kidney disorders so I broke down and went to the doctor, hoping that I would not be taking more pills!

After asking a few questions, listening to my chest and such with his stethoscope, the doctor told me that blood tests were needed, including some highly sensitive “infection” markers testing. He said he was confident that it would all be normal because he thought I had the symptoms of a pulled muscle in my back rather than any internal issues.

I didn’t say anything about his diagnosis, but I thought to myself “I know what a pulled muscle feels like, and this isn’t it”.

90 minutes later, blood results were available. Liver, Kidney and Special Infection Tests were all normal. So he sent me home with the old cliché’ “Take too Tylenol and call me in a few days if you are still hurting”. So now I have no answers and less money!

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    1. Handan says:

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