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Part 9. Things just aren’t right.

The pain in my ribcage and lower back did go away – but always returned, although never as bad as that one time.

Another item I didn’t mention is that I drink a LOT of water each day. So much water in fact, that every physical I have had in the past 20 years included tests for diabetes as “excessive thirst” is one of the indicators. But the tests were always negative and my thirst was blamed on a huge “water appetite”. My wife says I didn’t go anywhere without a water bottle – even sitting in front of the television, I would have a water bottle at my side.

What goes in, must come out. So I urinated (“pee” – I prefer smaller words!) a lot! I’ve accepted that over the years because this water intake has been with me forever. I love drinking water and I know that I have to let it out. However, I notice that I am peeing more often, but draining less liquid than before.

Strange? Of course. But do you think I am going to go to the doctor again and tell him “ … and now I’m peeing more often but less is coming out?”

I don’t think so. Would you??



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