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WellPath Integrates With 23andMe, Fitbit To Customize Your Daily Supplements – TechCrunch

Nowadays, you can get a subscription box for just about anything. And today, that includes customized nutritional supplements.

WellPath, a company that puts together customized packages of month-to-month nutritional supplements tailored to your specific body, has today announced integrations with 23andMe and Fitbit to get much more granular with the way that suggest products.

Originally, WellPath asked for users to complete a 30-question survey as part of the sign-up process. Utilizing their answers, WellPath would craft the perfect combination of pills and powders in order to last a month (users can also choose one-time purchases at a $20 premium).

With the integration of 23andMe and Fitbit, WellPath can now look at all the pieces of someone’s hereditary makeup and general health to set the right supplements with that user’s overall health goals, ranging from mental acuity in order to joint health.

These integrations give WellPath a vast quantity of extra data — 46 additional data points, to be exact — that include lactose intolerance, muscle performance, caffeine consumption, response to diet, exercise, rest quality, activity levels, among others.

Users can choose from pills ($40/month), powders ($50/month) or both ($90/month), which founder Colin Darretta states is less expensive than trying to source your own personal supplements from a GNC or Entire Foods.

Plus, because of Darretta’s experience educating himself and purchasing his own supplements for years, the WellPath team is prepped and ready to ensure that users get the highest-quality, most dependable supplements on the market.

If you need to learn more about WellPath, hit up the site here.

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